The inventor and natural scientist, Austrian engineer Wilhelm Mohorn, founded the Aquapol company in 1985. He was born on the 25th of November 1954 in Vienna.

Engineer Mohorn is a graduate of the College for Higher Technology in Austria where he studied Mechanical Engineering. He was always very interested in Mathematics and Physics. Additionally, he studied Natural Sciences for several years and became aware of the fact that, in Physics, energy is poorly understood. This realisation, and the rusting drums in his cellar, were his inspirations to specifically research the field of alternative energy forms with regard to energy conversion.

He then made his breakthrough in the field of wall dehydrations. That was his fourth invention using previously unexploited forms of energy.

1985 Patent application and founding of the company as a one-man business.
1988 The physical working principles were designated.
1990 Move to the town Reichenau/Rax, located in the lovely Alps of Austria. New sales managers in 5 additional European countries.
1991 Part of the Budapest Parliament was dried out with AQUAPOL.10,000 AQUAPOL systems so far installed.
1992 Further basic research.
1995 The Kaplan Medal, (highest decoration for Austrian inventors) was awarded to Wilhelm Mohorn for his basic research. Now the company has over 85 employees in Europe.
2001 Awarded the IENA* 2001 gold medal for his innovative multifunctional space energy technology for drying out buildings as well as ground moisturizing and ground dehydration.* IENA (German) =Ideas Inventions Novelties Exhibition.
2002 Opening of the first branch in the Baltic area. His sensational Aquapol technology is mentioned in a specialist book from AT Publications. Article published in the newly issued book “Universal Energy Solutions” from Jupiter Publications. His space energy technology is presented in the documentary film “Top Secret – Water” and shown on TV.
2003 Approx. 25,000 systems so far installed.
2004 The year of  vast international expansion. Over 30,000 AQUAPOL systems so far installed. Numerous new publications and films released to raise understanding of the subject. A large number of scientific studies which show the effectiveness of AQUAPOL units in situations with different parameters have been completed. The experiments of ground- hydration and dehydration are in their 5th year at the University of Agriculture. The number of partners is at a highest ever in Europe.
2005 The year of the 20th anniversary of AQUAPOL. Further franchises and representatives are established in Switzerland, United Kingdom and Italy early in the year. By the end of the year more than 32,000 installations done.